Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hottest swiss guys " Antoine Dorsaz "

oop!What up's guys? we are in swiss,i would like to ask all of you guys that how are swiss guys.Of course you guys love all of them because they are so hot and sexy. Before we meet the next hot single guy ,i want to ask you guys. If you guys go to swiss,what will you guys buy from over there.Don't tell me now, you guys can give it on comment.Then let see hot guys in swiss

Antoine Dorsaz

Who is Antoine Dorsaz?
He is a hot swiss Figure Skating guy(I watch him in burberry that is cool guy,what you guys think?)

When was he born?
2 March 1989

Where was he born?
Martigny, Switzerland

How he became a Swiss pair skater?
he started with the Warsaw Cup champion.

What are his hobbies?
He likes skatting, using the internet, music and studying Languages and travelling(who guys want to see him in ich skatting?)

What is his first club?
CPA Monthey

Awords and nominations?
Swiss national champions

How to follow he?

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