Friday, June 11, 2010

Hottest norwegian guys " Ketil Maalbakken "

oop! what up's guys? Do you like to stay in norway forever? I know all of hot guys in here are so hot,but we must vistie another country to find another hot guys too. However today we are still in norway to find a new hot guy. Before we meet a new hot guy,i would like to ask you guys.Do you guys know ,how can you guys say "I LOVE YOU" in norwegian language.Find an answer and then give it on comment. Then let see a new hot guy in norway.

Ketil Maalbakken

Who is Ketil Maalbakken?
He is a hot norwegian model guy(If you guys see his pictues ,you guys will know how hot he is)

When was he born?
25 April 1991

Where was he born?

How he became a model?
He started as model since it was recently spotted by Teams Models(I heard this guy started when he was 16 years old)

What are his hobbies?
He likes playing game and travelling

What is his first agency?
Team Models

Awords and nominations?
Contact with Team models

How to follow he?


  1. hey you look fucken hot dude lol

  2. He is sooo hot I need to go to Norway!

  3. I love you:
    Jeg Elsker Deg. (pronounced: ye elsker de

  4. i love norwegians.

  5. Jeg elsker deg, and no, it is not pronounces: ye elsker de.) ...