Friday, July 30, 2010

Hottest bulgarian guys " Martin Martinov "

Oop! What up's guys? Do you guys like bulgarian guys? I think all of guys in bulgaria are so hot and sexy, right? Before we meet a new hot bulgarian guy, i would like to ask you guys. Do you guys know, what is the bulgarian tradition food? I feel so hungry now gg. Find an answer and then let see a hot guy in bulgaria.

Martin Martinov

Who is Martin Martinov?
He is a hot bulgarian model guy (this guy is really hot, what you guys think?)

When was he born?

Where was he born?
Bucharest, Bulgaria

How he became an actor?
He started with visage agency and then he won the most handsome guy in bulgaria in 2009. (This guys is reall charming, what you guys think?)

What are his hobbies?
He likes doing gym and travelling around the world

What is his first agency?
Visage agency

Awords and nominations?
Men in the World 2009

How to follow he?

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  1. A girl from BulgariaJune 25, 2014 at 5:41 PM

    I got here by accident and I see that this article is old, but I'm too furious by one major mistake here and had to write a comment.
    For your information Bucharest is in Romania,not in Bulgaria!!!! This is unbelievable!!!