Monday, October 4, 2010

Hottest danish guys " Martin Hoberg Hedegaard "

oH guys!How are you guys doing today? I know you guys will so sad today because we are still in the last hot danish guy. However don't you guys feel sad about it that i promise i will be back here again because Denmark has a lot of handsome and hot guys right? Before we meet the last hot danish guy i would like to ask you guy. Do you guys why danish guys are really so hot? Tell me your idea and let find hot danish guy with us.

Martin Hoberg Hedegaard

Who is Martin Hoberg Hedegaard?
He is a hot danish singer guy (I really totally love his song, do you guys love his song?)

When was he born?
9 October 1992

Where was he born?
Ørum, Denmark

How he became a singer?
Before he was participating in The X Factor, he took singing lessons, and had a minor role in a school musical. He cites his influences as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Queen, and Michael Bublé(He has really nice voice, do you guys think like me?)

What are his hobbies?
He likes watching films and dancing

What is his first singles?
The 1

Awards and nominations?
The X Factor

How to follow he?